On April 11 began the Convocation III Virtual Course on Pharmaceutical Services based Primary Health Care for Managers v_2013 as part of the development of Primary Health Care (PHC) renewed the Project Medicines and Health Technologies Area Systems based Health Primary Health Care (MT / HSS) of the Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization (PAHO / WHO) has been working on a proposal for pharmaceutical services based APS since 2008. Despite all efforts and resources invested, access and rational use of drugs remains a major challenge in most countries of the region. It is necessary to change the approach of pharmaceutical policies and strategies currently focused on drugs for new vision with emphasis on individuals, families and communities (IFC) addressing their health needs. The vision of this course is to support the development of pharmaceutical services socially relevant, integrated health systems based on PHC and aims to strengthen the capacity of these professional services in support of implementation of this new approach in the countries.

Promote the development of pharmaceutical services (FS) based on Primary Health Care (PHC), through the strengthening of capacities of leaders and managers of pharmaceutical services.
  • Describe the role of pharmaceutical services in strengthening health systems and services based on PHC.
  • Relate the influence of social determinants on the health of individuals and communities.
  • Mobilizing these concepts to analyze and improve the situation of SF in the country.
  • Identify the components and structures of management of pharmaceutical services.
  • Formulate a plan to change the focus of these services, the medicine for people, families and communities (APS renewed).
  • Recognize the skills necessary to implement the SF-based APS.
  • Propose strategies for developing these skills.
  • Develop an intervention proposal for the implementation of SF-based APS renewed.