Launch of the Virtual Course II Capacity Development for the Renewal of Primary Health Care (PHC) was held last May 26 at 11 am Washington DC, with over 50 people, including focal points at countr
Last May 21 was launched from the First Course Virtual Management of Labor, Health and Safety Health Workers, which had a participation of approximately 150 people from different parts of the Region of the Americas.
Last May 22 was the official launch of the Virtual Course Essential Functions of Public Health (EFPH). This release was presented by Dr. Joseph Ruales, Regional Adviser in Health Systems PAHO / WHO, Dr. Pedro Brito, Area Manager, Systems and Services Development, PAHO / WHO, Dr.
After the successful experience in Michoacan, between days 25 and May 29 were set up two other nodes of the State Commission for Social Protection in Health (CNPSS) in Tlaxcala and Veracruz, as part of the efforts of the Strategic Training Program is leading the Seguro Popular.
During the days 11 to May 22 this year, participants of the Leadership Program in International Health Edmundo Granda Ugalde were in the PAHO to participate in the stage presence of Module II of the course.
Argentina will host the "I World Fair on Municipalities and Health: Rights, Citizenship and  Integrated Local Management for Development", which takes place during days 18 to August 21 at Centro Costa Salguero, Bu
On days 11,12 and 13 May this year, was held in Panama the 3rd Technical Meeting of Programming course "Diploma in Health and Local Development."
In the meeting chaired by Dr. Armando Luna Escalante, Secretary of Health of the State of Michoacan in Mexico, Dr. Manuel Vázquez Valdés, Director General of Health Services Management of CNPSS, Dr.
During the 21 to April 23, was held in Bogota, Colombia, the training workshop to tutors in preparation for the Virtual Course of Essential Public Health Functions, scheduled to start next May 18.
On April 16 began the Virtual Course: "Fundamentals of social determinants of health." This course aims to contribute to the education of teachers of Public Health in the new approach to social determinants of health that allows reorient their teaching practice.