Argentina will host the "I World Fair on Municipalities and Health: Rights, Citizenship and  Integrated Local Management for Development", which takes place during days 18 to August 21 at Centro Costa Salguero, Bu
On days 11,12 and 13 May this year, was held in Panama the 3rd Technical Meeting of Programming course "Diploma in Health and Local Development."
In the meeting chaired by Dr. Armando Luna Escalante, Secretary of Health of the State of Michoacan in Mexico, Dr. Manuel Vázquez Valdés, Director General of Health Services Management of CNPSS, Dr.
During the 21 to April 23, was held in Bogota, Colombia, the training workshop to tutors in preparation for the Virtual Course of Essential Public Health Functions, scheduled to start next May 18.
On April 16 began the Virtual Course: "Fundamentals of social determinants of health." This course aims to contribute to the education of teachers of Public Health in the new approach to social determinants of health that allows reorient their teaching practice.
On March 23 last began the Program in International Health Leaders 2009, starting this year will bear the name of Dr. Edmundo Granda Ugalde, great academic leader in health and health equity in his native country of Ecuador and throughout the Region.
On March 4, 2009, took place at the National Institute of Public Health in Cuernavaca, the first reunion of the Steering Committee of Node Mexico.
In recent days the link was posted to the Portal Node Mexico. This new image of Mexico portal is the result of hard work and dedication of Node mexico to provide their users with new tools that allow better interaction across the network while maintaining the active participation of all of them on campus.
On March 19, 2009 began the second version of the Course Tutor for Learning Network. This course has a duration of approximately 12 weeks and it is estimated that the participants have a commitment from an average of six hours a week in flexible schedules and distributed according to their means.