Between September and October, the Virtual Campus of Public Health conducted an update of VCPH Countries nodes to version 7 of Drupal.

With a commitment to stay ahead in today's technological advances, the VCPH been achieved with the active participation of countries Webmaster Nodes VCPH migrate to the latest version of Drupal CMS, with extraordinary improvements that allow both users and administrators, enjoy a friendly environment with higher performance.

Besides keeping the contents, improved visual appearance of the nodes.

Among the main features of the new system are:

  • Improved user experience with a design focused on 80% of users that makes common tasks easier, more intelligent defaults, makes it easy for content creators and simplifies management.
  • Management of images ready to use, resize, crop, etc..
  • Automated test environment included in the kernel that provides a continuous integration system that checks each patch and contributes to stability of long-term project.
  • Improved performance and scalability that meets visitors to the web faster by usingadvanced caching, content delivery networks (CDN) and master-slave replication.
  • Customizing fields included in the core, native fields for any type of data content, but also for users, vocabularies and others, plus support for translations.
  • Abstraction layer database that enables the use of many databases, such as MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite.