Curso Virtual de Diseño y Gestión de Conjuntos de Prestaciones de Salud (CPS)August 4 The program began familiarizing the Virtual Course Design and Management of Joint Health Benefits (JHB) in the Virtual Campus of Public Health, which aims to guide participants in e-learning platforms that be used and from August 18, 2011 formally begins the course aims to improve the technical skills of the teams that are responsible for the design and ongoing management of health benefit packages in the countries of the region.

The distance learning mode in which this course will be developed, is a multi-communication system on a set of teaching resources, with the support of a mentoring system, which helps independent learning and cooperative.

Duration: 90 hours.

Certification: Diploma of PAHO participation and achievement.


Lic. Alejandra Irurzun
Dr. Jorge Leguiza
Dr. Alarico Rodriguez
Dr. Yhuri Carreazo Pariasca
Dr. Rubén Roa

Course Coordinators:

General Coordinator: Dr. María Cecilia Acuña
Teaching Coordinator: Dr. Julio Siede