Painfully met the death, on November 22, Dr. Jorge Leguiza, teacher and Design Course Set Management Health Benefits VCPH.

Until a few days ago, while it allowed his illness, George was leading his group in each task and providing programming and teaching.
For those who did not know him personally, was a physician, Rosario, Argentina, expert in epidemiology and health information. In recent years made fundamental contributions to the health system of the country from the Strategic Management Office of the Superintendent of Health Services. It was also a great teacher and Director of the Masters in Health Systems Management and Social Security Isalud University.
Beyond his intellectual capacity and working as sanitarian, "Leguiza Skinny" was a great point guard teams, initiatives and projects. Always known for his honesty, his capacity for dialogue and transparency.
Our dear Jorge participated in the "Course Design and Management of Joint Health Benefits" from birth, when it was just an idea. The construction and development of the course has the value of their contribution and mark knew what to do.
For those who were privileged to share with Jorge's work and friendship is a huge loss, early and painful.
The coordination of the Virtual Campus, faculty and participants of Course Design and Management of Health Services sets, demonstrate their commitment to continue working for health systems more fair, inclusive and focused on the needs of people in our Latin America, which was his dream.
We understand that this will be our best tribute to his memory.