Dr. Maria Cristina Davini has passed away in Buenos Aires.
Between June 29 and July 1 it was held in Brasilia, Brazil, the PAHO’s internal dialogue of Department of Health Systems and Services  in support of Strategy for the Universal Health Access and Universal Health Coverage.
We announce changes in the dates for the "Healthcare Technology Planning & Management (2015)" course. The course will now run from 7 September 2015 through 21 November 2015. And the deadline to submit applications has been extended until July 20, 2015. Please take note of this changes.  For more details, review the course information.
The Municipal Health Secretariat Curitiba, the International Union for Health Promotion and Education and their partners are looking forward to hosting this important global public health and health promotion event. The 22nd IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion will take place in Curitiba, Brazil. The aim is to create a global forum where researchers, practitioners and policy makers involved in and concerned about the promotion of health and equity will share and discuss new knowledge,...
On 9 and 10 June the VCPH attended the forum held in San Salvador, El Salvador. Under the Panel: "Experiences of networking: ICT and innovation from the academy.", Mr. Gabriel Listovsky presented VCPH developments.
On Thursday 12 and Friday June 13, 2015 the opening workshop tutor training for the network learning course, specially designed to promote the development of Node VCPH Nicaragua was held in Managua, Nicaragua.
As part of the updating process of portals and classrooms of the Virtual Campus of Public Health is already visible the new image design and regional access to virtual classrooms, countries, practices and staff. This change was accompanied by updating the regional classroom to the Moodle version 2.8 which ensures the quality and safety of the course work according to international standards.
In early June, Dr. Carissa Etienne, Director of the Pan American Health Organization, the World Health Organization’s Regional Office of the Americas (PAHO/WHO), met with the five Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows who undertook their professional affiliation at the Organization’s Washington, DC headquarters. 
The Virtual Course "Integration of Mental Health into Primary Care (2015)", intended for primary care practitioners from English-speaking Caribbean countries who are working as MD general practitioners, specialized nurse practitioners, clinical psychologists and other mental health care providers directly involved in patient care, will begin 6 August and run until 10 December. Application forms for this course will be received until 10 July, 2015.