Geneva, May 19, 2015 (PAHO/WHO). Ministers and delegates of the Americas addressed the plenary of the 68th World Health Assembly regarding the need to ensure that every country has a solid health system ready to face any adversity. They made reference to the lessons learned during the Ebola outbreak and highlighted the achievements.
The Virtual Campus for Public Health is one of the virtual education programs is discussed in an article published in www.openpraxis.org Mr. Edgardo De Gracia member of the VCPH regional team was interviewed as part of the investigation that led to the drafting of the article. The complete article is available at:
Because the enormous interest and the number of applications received for the course "Nursing Leadership: Empowering Nurse Leaders in Latin America (2015)" the coordination of the course decide to increase the number of seats. Candidates selected for this edition will be informed soon. The new date for the beginning of the course will be on May 18 and will run until August 10, 2015. Candidates not selected at this time will have a chance to take the course in future editions that are already...