Diseño y Gestión de Conjuntos de Prestaciones de Salud (CPS)August 16 begin Virtual Course Design and Management of Health Benefits sets that aims to improve the technical skills of the teams that are responsible for the design and ongoing management of health benefit packages in the country of the region.

The need to implement the design and management of feature sets is a must increasingly common in health systems in the region due to the need to increase the effectiveness of services, as well as also improving the efficiency and care interventions to prioritize those that are most essentiality. The Virtual Course Design and Management Joint Health Benefits is a response to the needs of skill acquisition, so as also to connect health professionals dedicated to these tasks.

Audience to whom it may concern: While Training Course Design and Set Management Services (CPS) has a highly specific target group, its implementation will be an opportunity to train different actors in the health system Joint working in relation to Benefits. For this reason, this project proposes a comprehensive and effective notice to include:

  • Professionals in the field of health management systems that work in the design, implementation and ongoing management of sets of health benefits.
  • Health system officials who make decisions regarding project assurance and defined CPS.
  • Other health system actors who serve as users or generators of knowledge that can influence or be influenced by the design and management of CPS (Providers, researchers, academics, etc..).


Working in a management area of ​​the health system related to the design and / or management of health benefit packages. Possess basic knowledge of public health, epidemiology, evidence-based medicine and planning. . Manage PC: internet access, word, excel. . Have approximate 8 hours per week for the development of the activities of the course.

Major content areas:

The course has a distance mode, with four modular structures of content, including:

  1. And health insurance systems and management of Joint Health Benefits
  2. Analysis of needs and available resources and goal
  3. Techniques for the ordering of sets Health Benefits
  4. Management of initial design and continuing review of a Joint Health Benefits