The Virtual Campus of Public Health modernizes the reports generation system, implementing JasperReports for generating relevant information required by the Academic Coordination and Virtual Courses.

JasperReports is a library of free reporting code written in Java, that generates documents in formats of word processors, spreadsheets and printing. It also provides a web interface to manage, store and generate reports that have been designed in iReport Designer. The latter is a graphical interface for the design, implementation and export reports to be stored anywhere interface JasperReports.

The process of designing reports in iReport Designer begins with the development of queries to databases in the Regional and Countries Virtual Classroom. This in order to obtain relevant information from participants in courses available. Then the resulting information is organized in table format for easy reading and analysis of data. Once the design phase is completed the report proceeds to mount the repository JasperReport web interface that allows the team VCPH export the data and provide the requested information.

From database platforms using by the VCPH you can get a wealth of information on applications courses, number of participants, country of origin, qualifications, certificates issued, etc. This information being a tool for decision making and data analysis to improve the services provided by the VCPH in the Americas region.