Third Global Forum on Human Resources for Health 10-13 November, 2013

Human Resources for Health – Foundation for Universal Health Coverage and the Post 2015 Development Agenda July 2, 2013

Health professionals expand knowledge and skills to international health leadership

Forty-seven participants of the 2013 Edmundo Granda Ugalde Leaders in International Health Program (LIHP) representing 22 Latin American and Caribbean countries, are meeting this week in Antigua, Guatemala together with LIHP mentors and coordinators and PAHO/WHO Country Office staff in Guatemala. The purpose of the meeting is to allow participants to explore in greater depth issues related to international health, including the main concepts, theories and models of international health, its manifestations in the national and regional context and its implications for the Americas.

Begins the Virtual Basic Course for Development and Adaptation Methodology Guides using GRADE - Version 1-2013

Began on Monday July 15, 2013 The Virtual Basic Course for Development and Adaptation Methodology Guides using GRADE - Version 1-2013, with a time duration of 4 weeks with the following objectives:

First Teleconference of the Educational Virtual Clinic

IV Congress of Regional Scientific "Overview of the PHC to improve the quality of life of the population" 20 to August 22

The Ministry of Health - Health Region San Miguelito, invites you to the Fourth Congress of Regional Scientific and Panama International Congress "Overview of the PHC to improve the quality of life of the population" of 20 to 22 August in Hotel El Panama.
The lectures to be provided are:
- Integration of networks within the PHC.
- Individualizing Treatment for Diabetes M. type II.
- Health and safety of health workers.
- Legal implications in dentistry.
- Functional foods.
- Diagnosis and treatment of childhood diarrhea syndrome.
- New Vision PHC nursing.

Opening the call of the 6th version of the Capacity Building Course for Renewal of Primary Health Care

Starts the 6th version of the Capacity Building Course for Renewal of Primary Health Care which covers the period from 26 July to 13 December 2013, with a duration of 200 hours for the purpose of promoting the development of the renewal of Primary Care in the Region of the Americas for the transformation to a health system based on PHC, through the strengthening of the capacities of leaders, managers and health professionals.

The call will be open until July 21, 2013.

Dr. Carlos Bloch passed away at 81

The June 11, 2013, at 81, passed away Dr. Carlos Bloch, Rosario unionist prominent physician and sanitarian recognized internationally. He studied medicine at Rosario, was a student activist and became a doctor in 1957. He joined the Board of the School of Medicine until 1966 coup. In parallel also involved in union medical organizations as the Medical Federation of the province of Santa Fe and Rosario Medical Association. Since this space is among the organizers in 1965 Argentinean Social Seventh Medical Conference held in Rosario.

Launch Edmundo Granda Ugalde Leaders in international Health Program 2013

The 2013 Opening Ceremony for the Edmundo Granda Ugalde Leaders in international Health Program (LIHP) took place virtually on 3 June 2013, with approximately 100 people participating from over 20 different countries. The bilingual event included a keynote presentation by Dr. José Romero Teruel, Assistant Director a.i. of the Pan American Sanitary Bureau, who highlighted the contributions of the Program in the development of professionals who are able to confront health and development challenges in an increasingly globalized world.

Regional dialogue on medical residencies

PAHO invites you to participate in the Regional Dialogue on Medical Residency which will be held from 7 to June 14, 2013. The inaugural meeting is June 7 at 10:00 am (Washington, DC). In this dialogue will highlight particular aspects of policy and planning medical residencies, whose themes are related primarily to the scarcity of certain specialties, the lack of specialists in rural and marginal urban areas, weak mechanisms and policy planning promote training and employment specialties worth deficit, the migration of doctors and funding for medical residencies.

Starts 6th edition of the Leaders in International Health Program "Edmundo Granda Ugalde" LIHP-2013

Capacity development workshop for implementing networking model of VHL

The University of Panama, with the support of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO / WHO) in Panama and the Latin American Center of Information in Health Sciences (NLM / PAHO / WHO) held from 20 to 24 May this year the "Workshop on Introduction to Virtual Health Library (VHL) ".

The workshop aimed at participants achieve capacity building for implementation of the networking model of VHL, as well as in the promotion of open access to information and the management and operation of information sources VHL, as a strategy to support the development of VHL in Panama and other countries of the Network

Started Virtual Course Essential Public Health Functions Version 4

On May 2 the 4th started Virtual Course HSPA version in which a group of American colleagues comienzanuna training experience Essential Functions of Public Health through the potential and possibilities of the virtual learning environment offered by the Campus virtual Public Health.

This virtual learning program aims to give participants a space of knowledge, reflection and development of operational capabilities to promote the development of the Essential Public Health Functions-HSPA-in each of the countries of the region.

Presentation on the progress of the Virtual Campus of Public Health 2013

On 16 May at PAHO Headquarters in Washington DC. was called professionals consultants and technical areas and units, to a presentation by Dr. Jose Baudilio Jardines, on the progress of the Virtual Campus of Public Health (VCPH).

Begins Specialization in Health Management for Older Persons Virtual Course, 8th Edition, v_2013

On May 6 last began the first edition in English for the Caribbean Virtual Course Specialization in Health Management for Older Persons Virtual Course, which in turn is the eighth version of the Specialty since 2009.

Working Groups III Regional Network Workshop Open Educational Resources (OER) VCPH/BIREME/VHL

During the III Regional Network Workshop Open Educational Resources (OER) VCPH/VHL from 3 to August 5, 2012 in São Paulo, Brazil, was established as one of the main recommendations form three working groups on different development issues and operation of repositories country nodes.

Call for Online Course Design and Management of Joint Health Benefits

Five practical resources on Creative Commons licenses

Creative Commons licenses have expanded to become one of the best ways to disseminate content in an open, allowing third parties to reuse and dissemination.

This idea may seem simple, becomes very complicated when this opening is intended to coexist with the laws of each country and the interests of the groups affected by the production.

In this article we bring you a series of practical resources related to Creative Commons licenses.


Started Call for applications for III Virtual Course on Pharmaceutical Services based Primary Health Care for Managers v_2013

Pilot Project Launch of Educational Virtual Clinic

Clinica Virtual Docente


About Creative Commons

A short explanation about the Creative Commons licence, we will be providing more information...

Creative Commons was created as project thanks to the initiative of a law professor at Stanford University who studies social and cultural phenomena of Cyberspace Lawrence Lessig, being a non-profit organization's main objective is to offer licenses to facilitate the distribution model and use of content.

Concludes at San Jose, Costa Rica the Training Workshop in the new environment of Moodle 2.3 for Tutors and Coordinators

Concludes at San Jose, Costa Rica the Training Workshop in the new environment of Moodle 2.3 for Tutors and Coordinators of  the Virtual Campus of Public Health with the participation of countries and VCPH regional team.

CSS and PAHO / WHO launch online course in diabetes self-learning for health professionals

Blackboard Collaborate Scheduled Maintenance

Blackboard collaborate - Campus Virtual de Salud Pública

On 2 March 2013, Blackboard Collaborate will be renumbering the IP addresses of the North American hosted web conferencing services in order to improve its reliability.

During this maintenance, Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing and Elluminate Live! sessions and recordings will be unavailable.

Maintenance will take place during a six-hour period inside the regular maintenance window as follows:

Begin time: Saturday, 2 March 2013 at 10:00 PM US Eastern (GMT-5)
End time: Sunday, 3 March 2013 at 4:00 AM US Eastern (GMT-5)


Call for applications 2013 - Edmundo Granda Ugalde Leaders in International Health Program

The Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) has opened the call for applications for the Edmundo Granda Ugalde Leaders in International Health Program (LIHP) 2013. In recognition of the multiple and evolving challenges facing leaders today, the LIHP aims to strengthen the capacity of countries to more effectively analyze, define, advocate and project their national health interests within this complex global context. The program is open to professionals in the Americas working in public health, international relations or related fields. The deadline for the receipt of applications is 15 March 2013.

Training Workshop VCPH-Moodle, San Jose, Costa Rica, March 2013

From 5 to 7 March 2013 will be held in San Jose, Costa Rica, the Training Workshop Virtual Campus of Public Health, which aims to prepare the campus coordinators and tutors as facilitators of the training process in the new VCPH tools and develop skills in handling the new Moodle Virtual Classroom 2.3.4 as well as the online system for the submission and selection of courses VCPH.

The Regional Classroom has been updated to Moodle 2.x


Happy New Year 2013!

Upgrade on the Virtual Campus of Public Health e-learning platform

The Virtual Campus of Public Health in its commitment to improve the quality of their services are migrating very important in e-learning platform Moodle from version 1.x to version 2.x

With this update the tutors and students will enjoy the new benefits offered by this new system, in terms of technological improvements and from the educational point of view.
On January the platform and the changes will be ready and new tools available.

Expert Workshop on wage policies

Made from 3 to 5 December in San Jose, Costa Rica the "Workshop on wage policies: its role as a tool for improvement in the provision of health services" as part of the efforts in the Region of the Americas to advance desprecarización processes and ensure proper working conditions for health workers. It is considered very important initiatives to ensure job security and pay the right conditions.

Passing away of VCPH teacher Jorge Leguiza

Painfully met the death, on November 22, Dr. Jorge Leguiza, teacher and Design Course Set Management Health Benefits VCPH.