From September 19 to 25 marks the beginning of the familiarization course Tutor Virtual Learning Network for Telehealth / BID-2011, for participants in the Telehealth Project led by the Ministry of Health of Brazil.

This course represents an area of ??systematic training of tutors for guidance and coordination of groups of networked learning in the field of Public Health with the support of Information Technologies and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

The course aims to train for the year of tutoring, such as mode of teaching and learning, and recognition and exploitation of the potential of the learning environment offered by the Virtual Campus of Public Health. Also, we provide educational alternatives for semi-face teaching and classroom education programs in public health participants to play, developing innovative learning experiences.

It is our interest that this experience will promote a network of tutors in the Region Public Health, for the exchange and development of educational projects for continuing education of health personnel and networked learning.

This course will provide the opportunity to acquire conceptual, methodological and specific communication for teaching online. Participants are expected to:

  • Build the role of tutor in a virtual learning environment (EVA), according to your personal style and their field of activity in public health.
  • Coordinate online learning groups, guiding individual and group learning in a collaborative environment.
  • To facilitate a smooth and stimulating pedagogical communication, effective use of communication resources of the virtual environment.
  • Conduct accompanying students to advance their learning process, providing ongoing feedback.
  • Strategically use technology resources for learning virtual environment, monitoring and evaluation of the group.