In order to analyze the prospects of creating a node of the Virtual Campus of Public Health (VCPH) in Uruguay was held in Montevideo from 17 October 21 different meetings with representatives of PAHO and leaders of institutions Uruguay developments in the field of e-learning in health.
The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO / WHO) and the Universidad del Norte in Colombia, have issued the invitation to participate in the "Virtual communication Diploma in public health risk."
The CIESS node in the network of the Virtual Campus of Public Health (VCPH), offers to the international community a call for the concourse to create the graphic identity of the "Regional Strategy educational program citizenship for social safety culture" Social Security for all."
On October 7 and 8th,  2010, was held in the District of Santa Fe de Veraguas, Panama,  the "Meeting of Mayors." This event was attended by mayors and delegates from mayors of the municipalities of Arraiján, Taboga, Santiago, San Francisco, Calobre, Rio de Jesus and Kusapín, and the
Medical Residency During days 7 to October 22 will held in the classroom of the Virtual Campus of Public Health (VCPH), Second Virtual Seminary of Health Human Resources which will address the issue of medical residency.
On September 21th, developed the 5th meeting of the Technical Team of the VCPH Country Nodes as on previous occasions, was conducted through the Elluminate room intended for exchange of work of the Technical Team on the Virtual Campus of Public Health (VCPH).
From 13th to 17th September, in the premises of the National Nurses Association and the School of Nursing at the University of Panama, was held the face-week on the Virtual Course Management Palliative Care Program of Panama.