Among the latest improvements the team of Virtual Campus of Public Health (VCPH) is conducting a new format we present Regional Portal and Educational Virtual Clinic (EVC) for smartphones (iPhone, Android and other phones).

With this new format we hope that those who access from the mobile device to enjoy a fully optimized site to your needs.

The pages are much more visual and clear. Courses can do searches more easily within the portal.

Reduces load times of all pages to be strictly necessary content and optimizing the size of pictures to smaller screens.

All this work is a result of an exponential increase of internet access from mobile devices and we're sure that within a few years many users will access through mobile phones rather than from the desktop computer.

Scan this QR codes from your mobile device to access the Regional Portal or Educational Virtual Clinic mobile versions.

Regional Portal

Código QR - Campus Virtual de Salud Pública

Educational Virtual Clinic