The June 27, 2013 Dr. Silvio Vega and Mr. Edgardo De Gracia held the first conference in the pilot project Educational Virtual Clinic (EVC). This conference was directed health staff of the Hospital of St. Felix in the Health Region Ngäbe-Buglé with the aim of proposing EVC services as an alternative to e-learning. Also presented the instructions for use of the services provided by this project and responded to the concerns of the participants. We thank the health personnel who participated in this event and welcome your questions, cases and clinical images that serve as educational base for strengthening clinical competencies of family health teams and community in indigenous areas of difficult access to better services quality and equity to the public.

Participants Ngobe-Bugle region:

Dr. Charles Scott
Dr. Melisa Vasquez
Dr. Enilda Del Carmen Montenegro
Dr. Desiderio Castillo
Dr. Jenny Sito
Dr. Aurelio Cedeño
Dr. Evi Herrera
Dr. Iro Montezuma

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