On 10 June, the Director met with Hubert Humphrey Fellows to bid them farewell at the conclusion of their two-month ‘professional affiliation’ experience at PAHO, a key component of their 10-month leadership training in the United States.

This year’s group came from nine countries in the five WHO regions: Albania, Egypt, Haiti, India, Mongolia, Morocco, Nigeria, the Philippines and Thailand.

They worked in several technical areas on projects related to HIV/AIDS, health communications, health systems financing, medical education, substance abuse, nutrition and non-communicable diseases. 

During the meeting, Dr. Etienne expressed appreciation to the Fellows for their contribution to the Organization and challenged them to take their learnings from this experience to return home and “make a difference.” 

For the past three years, the PAHO Human Resources for Health Fellowships team has collaborated with the Institute of International Education (IIE), administrators of the U.S. Department of State-sponsored Fulbright Humphrey program, and with host universities such as Emory, Tulane and Virginia Commonwealth, to place those fellows with a public health interest at PAHO for their professional affiliation. 

As mid-career professionals from around the world, the Humphrey Fellows bring a rich diversity of knowledge, skills and regional expertise to the Organization. 

For more information on the Humphrey-PAHO collaboration, contact

Karen Gladbach
Manager of the PAHO Fellowships and Training program