Made from 3 to 5 December in San Jose, Costa Rica the "Workshop on wage policies: its role as a tool for improvement in the provision of health services" as part of the efforts in the Region of the Americas to advance desprecarización processes and ensure proper working conditions for health workers. It is considered very important initiatives to ensure job security and pay the right conditions.

In this sense it has assisted countries in developing health career initiatives to ensure job security, staff development and the quality of services in line with the model of care and the development of health systems.

Beyond ethical considerations about the health work, the salary is the center of trade relations between the professional, technical and general health workers with health organizations.

All persons within healthcare organizations offer their time and strength and in return receive money, which represents the exchange of an equivalence between reciprocal rights and responsibilities between the employee and the employer.

The purpose of this first meeting of experts was a first approximation and systematization of the situation at the regional level as a basis for establishing a technical cooperation agenda.


  1. Elena Clavel, Director General of the National Integrated Health
  2. Gabriela Pradere, Director, Human Resources Development Division of the NHIS.
  3. Dr. Benjamin Gates, HR Advisor PAHO Subregional
  4. Manuel Núñez, former Director of Human Resources of the Ministry of Health of Peru, ORAS HR Advisor.
  5. Daniel Maceira, Economist
  6. Former Director Rodolfo Levin HR ASSE and University Teaching.
  7. Luis Rivera, Director of Human Resources of the Social Security Fund of Costa Rica.
  8. Luís Fernando Administration Manager of the CCSS.
  9. Gustavo Picado, CFO of the CCSS
  10. Marta Novick, Technical Studies Labor Secretary, Ministry of Labour Argentina.
  11. Arnaldo Medina, Executive Director, Hospital El Cruce
  12. Carlos Rosales PAHO / WHO
  13. Mr. Hernan Luque, PAHO / WHO
  14. Monica Padilla, PAHO / WHO
  15. Hernán Sepúlveda PAHO / WHO
  16. Norberto Sanfrutos, EASP
  17. Oscar Rodriguez, Secretary Subregional ISP for Central America.
  18. Rodrigo Lopez, President ANPE
  19. Bridges Eliane de Mendonça, Executive Secretary of the National Negotiating ITS Management Permanent Secretariat of Labor and Health Education (SGTES / MS), Brazil