On days 3 and May 4, held an evaluation meeting, restructuring and rescheduling of the virtual course of Essential Public Health Functions.

This meeting was held in Bogota and included the participation of most of the tutors of the course, academic coordinator, Dr. Ruben Dario Gomez, officials Virtual Campus of Public Health and the draft Human Resources for Health area Health Systems based on PHC.

The purpose of the meeting was to adjust the 2012 version of the coursebased on lessons learned and the new provisions of the Campus andhave a 2012 version of course adjusted to the new rules of the campus and the lessons learned from previous courses. This course will be starting the week of May 22 and the high order of candidates shows the importance of the issue for the Region of the Americas. This would be thethird time the course is offered with this new method and this time it has the financial support of USAID.