The need to implement the design and management of resulat Performance Sets a need increasingly common in health systems in the region due to the need to increase the effectiveness of services as well as also improve efficiency and prioritize those interventions that are most essentiality care. Virtual Course Design and Management of Health Benefits sets is a response to the needs of skill acquisition as well as also bring together health professionals dedicated to these tasks.
Improve technical skills of the teams that are responsible for the design and ongoing management of health benefit packages in the countries of the region.
  • Describe the main elements of the concept of insurance and Set Management health benefits as well as the different types of insurance, in the context of health systems in their countries.
  • Establish a work plan for the initial design of a set of healthcare services.
  • Define and analyze systematically Health Benefits sets and pairs "need-technology" that comprise or are proposed to be part of them.
  • Plan and implement ongoing management of a Joint Health Benefits.