This August 20, 2012, begins the Virtual Course Management Mental Health Services whose overall purpose that professionals must take the course to graduate have the skills and abilities to effectively manage mental health services with a view with an emphasis on community and primary care. This may serve the countries involved in having trained managers for process of reform, modernization and decentralization of mental health systems and to reduce the gap between needs and resources. The course is part of the "Strategy and action plan on mental health" of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO / WHO)


The course is based on the "Joint Service Guidance and mental health policy of WHO."
From this set we have selected the following:
  • The context of mental health
  • Promoting mental health
  • Policies, plans and programs for mental health
  • Mental health funding
  • Planning and evaluation of budgets
  • Improvement and access to psychotropic
  • Improved quality of mental health
  • Mental health legislation and human rights
  • Organization of mental health services (emphasis in Primary Care)
  • Evaluation and monitoring of policies and mental health services
  • Information systems in mental health

Add three cross-cutting themes:

  1. Primary care at the heart of health systems,
  2. Equity and Decision Making in Health Systems and
  3. Evidence-based Health

On August 23 will be held an inaugural session by Dr. Jorge Rodriguez, Regional Advisory Mental Health Pan American Health Organization.