The Virtual Course "Integration of Mental Health into Primary Care (2015)", intended for primary care practitioners from English-speaking Caribbean countries who are working as MD general practitioners, specialized nurse practitioners, clinical psychologists and other mental health care providers directly involved in patient care, will begin 6 August and run until 10 December. Application forms for this course will be received until 10 July, 2015. 

Participants must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Two or more years of clinical working experience in healthcare (preferably in mental health services). Interested in enhancing their capacity for early detection and management of mental health problems in their Primary Health Care networks.
  • Have the support of the Ministry of Health/Supervising Body and from their own institutional work supervisors. 

The purpose of this program is to enhance the capacity for early detection and management of mental health problems in Primary Health Care networks. This will be targeted through a structured training program aimed at improving not only the knowledge, skills and attitudes on the topic of mental health, but also by inducing and supporting actual practice change and integration to accommodate mental health into primary care practices of participants.

For more details, read the course information and brochure.

Remember that you must create an account in the Campus (if you don't have one) to be able to complete the application form. If you have difficulties, we recommend reading the tutorial or please contact us through the Help Desk.