A short explanation about the Creative Commons licence, we will be providing more information...

Creative Commons was created as project thanks to the initiative of a law professor at Stanford University who studies social and cultural phenomena of Cyberspace Lawrence Lessig, being a non-profit organization's main objective is to offer licenses to facilitate the distribution model and use of content.

To facilitate the use of these licenses also created a graphic artist for the common user can easily understand the terms of these licenses and in turn provides a series of tools that allow the machines connected to the network can know the parameters under which licenses authorizing the use of the contents.
Creative Commons have the tools to search for works under their license is automatically also the licensing process is flexible and easy to use, considering that the author, decide freely, under what parameters allow the use of their works .
The copyright system in force establishes a scheme in which all rights are reserved. In contrast, Creative Commons provides tools that allow authors to choose, freely and safely, by a scheme Some rights reserved.
Living together in the copyright system and promoting creative freedom poses a scheme that does not need permission to use the works, for which permission has been granted!
Creative Commons does not compete with the Copyright, on the contrary, our proposal is based on the schema of existing copyright and you are looking to supplement it. This recognizes and strengthens the value representing the copyright are respected offering, while alternatives for creative people to share their work freely and safely.